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Golden Week 2010
T'was Golden week again here in sunny Nippon, so I thought I might take the time to upload a few more photos of Ashley.
She sure is growing up fast.
She's not rolling over yet but she sure does enjoy lying about on her gut, like any decent Australian would.
On the first day of the Hamamatsu Matsuri, we ventured on down to the International Food Festival at Act City with Todd and his family.
Ashley seemed somewhat impartial to it all and spent most of the time crying or sleeping.
Aki's sister Nanae had come from Tokyo to spend the few days off at home and she really enjoyed pandering to Ashley's many needs.
Aki as always, keeps a watchful eye over Ash whilst she drops off to sleep.
The weather has been fantastic all week, so Aki & Ash have been out & about cruising the neighbourhood in her new pram.
We also had a really enjoyable bbq down by the river on one of the days, & old friends Tremain & Yeni came to town so I really enjoyed catching up with them too. & now, back to work (-.-;)
A small party & a trip to Kyoto.
We've been having some beautiful weather her as of late, so last Thursday we decided to walk on up the road to our local park with Ash for her 'Koen début'. Had she been awake, I'm sure she would have loved it.
On Saturday night we had a bit of a gathering for some friends of ours & their babies. Darryl & his wife Hako came with their baby Maya. & Todd & Ritsuko came with Ken & their newest addition Mona. Todd's friend Steve from Canada also came along & we had a great night just eating, drinking & talking about nothing in particular.
Here's Ash in her 'Pink Lord of the Sith' outfit.
A week or so later & we were off to Kyoto again for the 20th Chibiko English speech comp. Hisano's daughter is extremely mischievous to say the least & here's a photo of her up to no good.
Lunch consisted of double portions for me and a 'Harf & harf' for whoever wanted. I didn't indulge. It was obviously half beer but the other half could have been dirty dishwater for all I knew.
Tofu donuts are a staple and part of the traditional diet of Kyotoites.
I found that served hot with a spoon of ice-cream on top made a taste sensation that could easily rival any fat bastard special on the market.
Stopped off to stock up on emotions at Grumbl..
& then strolled past the Manga museum to check out their cosplay event. We didn't have time to go in this year but could see all that was going on from outside anyway.
& then back to the the TV station for the speech competition's award ceremony.
We didn't garner the major prize this year however one of our students did pick up a prize nonetheless. Here's Mayuko with her younger sister Ayuko.
It was once again a great day & a little sad that I won't be in Japan this time next year to attend it again.
On a final note, my student Kumiko gave me a 100yen note the other day. These notes ceased being issued in 1974.
Judging by the excellent condition it's in, I would say it had just been sitting in a drawer for the past 35 years before the old lady who had it decided to spend it in Kumiko's shop. Kumiko thought I'd like to have it as a souvenir of Japan. She was right, it's fantastic. A rare & unique piece of Japanese history that I can keep forever & remember my time in Japan & her class.
Aki & Ash come home.
A few days after Aki came home from the hospital after giving birth, she had to be readmitted due to an infection she had picked up during her emergency cesarean procedure. She spent the next ten days there receiving treatment while Ashley stayed at Aki's parents house and I was home alone.
I became somewhat of a milkman during those ten days as I would go to the hospital each day, pick up Aki's expressed breastmilk, and then take it to Ashley.
Before too long though, Aki made a full recovery and we were all back together again.. well mostly. Aki spent the next two weeks at her parents house and her parents did a tremendous job of taking care of her, and Ashley. I would visit as often as I could.
Eventually, five weeks after the birth, Aki & Ashley came back to our apartment and we could finally start being a proper family.
Ashley's a funny little thing. Always making faces and always very hungry.

She absolutely adores bath time, & I do too, one of the very few jobs I can do to help Aki out.
She had her first medical check recently and was quite content until the nurse stuck a needle in her foot to get some blood out.. she screamed like a banshee and I can't say I blame her.. being awoken from a peaceful slumber by a sharp piece of metal to the foot would be few people's idea of a fun time.
The doctor recommended that she needs to feed a little more often, Aki feels guilty waking her up so often to do so, but it has to be done. I think Ashley doesn't mind that much. She loves the boob.
Ashley Mai Kevan - アシュリー 舞 ケヴァン
On the 18th of January 2010, Ashley Mai Kevan entered the world.

It wasn't without complications though as just before Aki was fully dilated, Ashley's umbilical cord began to exit before she did. This is a major problem as the baby's blood supply can be cut of which would usually result in disastrous consequences.
Thankfully the doctors knew what they were doing & there were surgical staff available to rectify the problem immediately. Aki was then rushed off into the operating theater where an emergency cesarean was performed.

Ashley was born (not too)happy & healthy at 5:16pm.

Here's Aki earlier in the day playing the waiting game.

Ashley, less than an hour after birth.

She weighed 3540kg.

And was 51.5cm tall.

An hour or so later, Aki & Ashley could finally meet properly.

The next day Aki was still feeling the effects of the drugs and the experiences of the evening before.

Both girls seemed quite content though.

Keiji, one of my students who is studying to be a doctor in the same hospital, stopped by for a visit.

Soon after, Ashley had a nice long feed & then I got my first chance to hold her. It's a feeling I'm sure I'll never forget. After the roller-coaster of events from the night before, & after contemplating what could have been.. I feel mighty fortunate that we were were in such good hands, & that everything turned out so well.
I'm pretty much the happiest guy in the world right now.
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